UX Writer at Google/Waze

Yossi Nachemi

Yossi Nachemi is a UX Writer at Google/Waze. As part of the product design team, he helps craft the user experience so drivers don’t get lost in the app or on the road. He also co-leads a working group at Google focused on developing UX writing metrics, so writers can accurately gauge the effectiveness of their writing. Originally from Chicago, he lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and two ridiculously adorable kids.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

More Than Meets the Eye - Writing for How People Read

Scanning, reading, titles, descriptions, information architecture, f pattern or z pattern? How people process information can be a bit overwhelming.

In this presentation, Yossi Nachemi will lay out all the different ways and contexts people take in information, and how writers can use this to their advantage.