Head of Product Design at Gloat

Omri Dvir

Omri is a design manager, mentor and speaker (and a dad!). After a long career working in big tech companies like Facebook and Microsoft, he joined Gloat as Head of Product Design, where he is building a career management platform. When not sending emails or playing with his daughters, Omri enjoys sharing his experience through public speaking and podcasts, helping creatives achieve their career goals.

UX Salon Words

Once Upon a Time: From a Great Story to a Great Product

People sure do love stories. We tell them to our kids, to each other, we even pay money to watch great storytellers on stage or on screen. And really, our job is to tell stories: we use words and pixels to craft interactive stories aimed to improve people’s lives. We don’t typically think of something like an admin dashboard as a ‘story’, but what if using classic storytelling devices could actually help us build a product that people love?

In this talk Omri will take you under the hood of effective storytelling: we’ll explore what makes for a great story, how storytelling can create the framework for a better product, and why Broadway Musicals and product building have more in common than you think.