Lead UX Researcher at the UXProdigy

Dr. Panagiotis Zaharias

I started as an academic UX researcher, having a Ph.D. in HCI and a background in Information Systems. I have always had a greater interest in what is happening outside the “black box” of a computing system and focused on the human side of technology: to understand how humans use it to fulfill their needs and desires. 21 years since first got into the field, I have been wearing many hats: academic UX researcher and lecturer, freelance UX researcher, trainer, founder of Athens UX community, mentor, and founder of a UX agency.

UX Salon Words

Don’t Skip UX Research: It is the UX Writer’s Best Friend!

UX Writing is a fundamental design practice. We all know that a good design practice requires research, the question is, what research methods work best for writers?

In this talk, we will review popular UX research methods that can help UX Writers to understand the users and write copy that resonates with them. We will focus on practical methods and look at examples to see how they can be applied.