Founder, Matrix Design+Health

Dr Lutza Ireland (Autistic/ADHD/she/her)

Dr Lutza is a psychologist and multi-award-winning social designer who is passionate about neuroinclusion and wellbeing at work. She uses design thinking and systems thinking to develop innovative resources, services and systems for neurodiversity and mental health, including the open source “Stress and Anxiety during COVID” graphic field guide and custom designed Neurodiversity employment pilots.

UX Salon Words

“what Does a Polar Bear Supposed to Mean to Me?!” Tools for Neuroinclusive Co-Design Workshops

Neurodiversity is the natural variation in human wiring that enables us to think, feel and experience the world and ourselves in unique ways. This includes the beauty of diverse processing styles based on visual, word-based, logical, physical, aural (auditory-musical), social and solitary engagements. How might we implement inclusive practices in workshops to embrace neurodiversity? In this presentation, Dr Lutza will share practical tools for neuroinclusion, to increase accessibility and meaningful participation for diverse processing styles in co-design workshops.