Principal Design Manager, Microsoft

Doug Kim (HE, HIM)

Doug Kim (he, him) is a former arts and entertainment journalist who started at Microsoft in 2008. He’s worked on Office, Windows, Bing, Xbox, Inclusive Design, and Microsoft 365, and is now a principal content design director for Microsoft Azure. His guiding principle is that clarity makes everything better. Which was pretty much his same rule for concert reviews, in case you were wondering.

UX Salon WORDS Talk

Panel Discussion: Neurodiversity and UX Content

Successful experiences always are centred around the humans who are living through them. Inclusive design has long been fighting for visible impairments to be included by an approach of universal design. No matter if those impairments are temporary or permanent, technology seeks to improve the lives of those who are struggling. Neurodivergent folks struggle as well, but their impairments are not easily noticeable. But still, those different experiences such as dyslexia and anxiety (problems with time and countdowns), dyscalculia and dyspraxia (numbers, counting and mobility) or ADHD and depression (executive function) need to be included in all of UX content design practice as well. This panel will discuss the differences and similarities of neurodivergencies and how they can be recognized in our design processes.