senior UX writer and content designer at Soluto

Carmel Scharf

Carmel is a senior UX writer and content designer at Soluto by Asurion. With a background in public health, gender studies, and French language, she has seen how the ways we use language can change people’s lives. She’s based in Tel Aviv, and writes in English, Hebrew, and GIFs. Carmel also holds strong opinions about the Oxford comma, the overuse of “AI” jargon, and where to find the best vegan burger in town.

UX Salon Words

When Content Design Met Design Systems: a Product Design Romcom

Have you ever looked at those amazing content design systems and wondered, “when will I get my happily ever after”? This talk will tell you how our design love story started. I’ll take you through our meet-cute in Figma, how we bridged our differences, and what would be different if we did it all over again today. And of course, I’ll answer that classic question: design systems and content design—can those two make it work?