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Jonathan Sitbon, UX Writer, Wix.com


Lizzie Kost, Content Designer, Editor of Habit Weekly

Panel Discussion: Where Research Meets UX Writing

Jonathan McFadden, Senior Content Designer, Shopify

Panel Discussion: Where Research Meets UX Writing

Jasmine Clark, Director of Content Design & UX Research, RV Education

Inclusive Design for a Digital World

Reginé Gilbert, Designer, Educator, Author

When Life Gives You Lemons, Write Better Error Messages

Jenni Nadler, UX Writer & Team Lead, Wix.com

When Content Design Met Design Systems

Carmel Scharf, Senior UX Writer, Soluto

Writing Guidelines for Non-Writers on your Team

Matt Hayes, Senior UX Writer, LinkedIn

Tools for Neuroinclusive Co-Design Workshops

Dr Lutza Ireland, Founder, Matrix Design+Health

Panel Discussion: Inclusive UX Design

Bernadette Smail, UX Researcher, IBM

Don’t Skip UX Research: It is the UX Writer’s Best Friend!

Dr. Panagiotis Zaharias, Lead UX Researcher, UXProdigy

Once Upon a Time: From a Great Story to a Great Product

Omri Dvir, Head of Product Design at Gloat